I belong to a small group of enthusiasts who founded "LEONARDO" Ltd. in 1993. The firm was born out our collective effort and passion for arts and design. As Georgia was awakening to the era of private enterprise, we saw big chance in advertising business. In those days Georgian consumers were not yet used to eye-catching billboards. On the other hand as products and services started to flood Georgian markets, businesses realised necessity to advertise. Starting up a small design firm seemed only logical to us. We knew we would enjoy the work and make money.

"LEONARDO" Ltd. started out acquiring rights for promotion and advertising in the city. We have significantly expanded this business and have become a major player in it. Our clients include such leading companies as "Coca-Cola", "Nestle", "Colgate" etc. The firm also provides publishing advertisements design services to the private individuals and enterprises.

"LEONARDO" Ltd. has always been a small outfit stuffed with highly dedicated and energetic people. Early entry into the market combined with our fresh ideas and professional skills helped us enjoy high profit margins from the start. We responded to generate even more ideas and provide good service to our clients. "LEONARDO" Ltd. Build a solid reputation and soon turned into a famous trademark.We also realised importance of our technical ability.

Every day I feel importance of learning something new. I am responsible for the full cycle of the firm’s operations. I have initiated the firm’s investment in information technology and installed our network system. I am now responsible for the network’s daily operations and maintenance. As business activity in Georgia becomes more sophisticated, the firm is moving into new areas. Without formal computer science training I taught systems programing and fully mastered such specific programes as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Macromedia Freehand, CorelDRAW! etc. Plus trying learn more about computer languages: Basic, Java and C. On the other hand, I started to research the artificial intelligence and also started writing.